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Thu, Apr 23


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Crispy OFH Virtual Training

More time for questions from participants

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Crispy OFH Virtual Training
Crispy OFH Virtual Training

Time & Location

Apr 23, 2020, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM EDT

ZOOM link will be emailed to you

About The Event


Two of the most reliable sources of information in the baseball community, Coach Casey Smith (Out Front Hitting) and Coach Ferber, have teamed up to bring you one of the most exciting and innovative ways to learn about hitting.  The coaches want to share priceless information with you that they have collected over the last 25 years of working with high level hitters. The coaches will also welcome special guests, including current professionals and big leaguers that will be walking us through some of their own particular at bats and explaining them in detail.   This series of live group training sessions on Zoom will be rolled out in an episode format where participants will be able to submit questions in real time. This provides a truly unique opportunity for participants to get feedback and have access to professionals at the highest level of the game. Regardless of how many resources that you have available to you (space, equipment, etc.), you can learn how to identify when a pitcher is tipping his pitches, a "swing thought" that works for you in any given situation, and an all around high level approach to hitting. 


The sole purpose of this class is for our Coaches and featured Players to share all of the information we’ve learned throughout our careers with you in a way that is EASY FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND. The issue we’ve noticed with a lot of hitting coaches on the internet currently is that they are more concerned with “getting their point across” or “proving their philosophy”... then they are with making sure a young hitter clearly understands and PROCESSES the information. Our particular staff of coaches and players are not here to prove anything to anyone. We’re here to introduce to you the same ideas and concepts that have been helpful for our own hitters over the years. We would love nothing more than to hear that you’ve incorporated some of our suggestions or variations into your own daily routines; helping you build a swing that you can truly call your own. That’s how we execute and shine as hitters on GAME DAY.

Hitting is a CONVERSATION, so your language and our language has to make sense to each other in order for you to actually RETAIN the information and then utilize it down the road. 

This class is truly interactive, so what that means is if you happen to hear a term that one of our coaches is using like “tilt” or “posture” or “storing energy” etc... and you don’t COMPLETELY understand what it means, write down the word or phrase, and then right after that coach or player is finished with their thought, you can type that question in a private direct message that only that specific coach will see.  If we see a few of the same questions we will bring it up verbally to the entire class without mentioning anyone specifically. 

Smile often and keep an open mind. See you at 8pm.


Coach Ferber and Coach Smith


  • Make sure you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Download the Zoom App (available on your computer or mobile device)
  • Click the ZOOM link in this email to access the live session approximately 2 to 5 minutes prior to the start time. (Note: Each session will have it’s own ZOOM link.)
  • It’s important to join the session with the name that you registered with to avoid being removed from the session.
  • Please make sure to MUTE YOUR MICROPHONE.  You will be able to see and hear the coaches that are hosting the event.


  • A PVC pipe preferably, or a broomstick (or your bat if that's all you have available
  • A pen and paper for taking notes 

NOTICE:  All content in the Zoom sessions is the proprietary property of Coach Ferber Training and Out Front Hitting and is protected by copyright and trademark laws and various intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws of the United States, foreign jurisdictions, and international conventions. You are prohibited from the use of any content, including screen shots or screen recordings, without express authorization from Coach Ferber Training and Out Front Hitting.

Copyright © OUTFRONT HITTING 2020 All Rights Reserved. 


  • Crispy OFH Session April 23

    Crispy Out Front Hitting Virtual Training Session April 23, 2020

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