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"I love seeing hitters have success."

Casey Smith is originally from Marietta, Georgia. In 2005, Casey was drafted in the 9th round of the MLB draft by the San Diego Padres. He spent 2 1/2 years in the Padres organization and 2 more years playing in the Frontier League with a few other organizations. Following his professional playing career, he returned to Georgia and completed his degree in Sports Management.


Coach Smith has been training baseball players of all ages for over 15 years. He has trained many major league and minor league players, as well as hundreds of college baseball and softball players. He's well respected in the MLB and chosen by many pros to help them improve their technique.  He's worked extensively with New York Yankees infielder, 2017 NL Batting Champion, DJ Lemahieu and Red Sox, Second Baseman, Michael Chavis. He has also worked with 2017 AL Triples Leader Nick Castellanos (Cincinnati Reds) and Tim Tebow, 2x national champion and  Heisman trophy winner, who is currently signed with the New York Mets.

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"It's not a quick fix, it's a PROCESS!"

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Coach Casey’s ability to develop hitters to reach their max potential can be seen in the on the field results of the hitters he has trained.  From youth players to the Big Leagues, including 2019 AL silver slugger and 2017 NL Batting Champion DJ Lemahieu, these players separate themselves from their competition.  Their understanding of the swing, the ability to make adjustments, and consistency in their mental approach are all key aspects to hitting that are learned while training with Coach Casey.


It's no secret that hitting today has become data driven.  To make sure every hitter has access to as much information as possible, Coach Casey uses some of the most advanced technology available in todays game.  By using a combination of Blast Motion, K-Vest, Hittrax, and Rapsodo, hitters can build a complete swing profile and use that to make changes faster and most sustainable long term.


When Coach Casey is asked about his hitting philosophy, it’s a simple one word answer “efficiency”.  What this means is there is no one way to swing. Although all great hitters have similarities, every hitter is different and how they create their own max efficiency is going to vary from player to player.  Because of this Coach Casey uses a personalized approach, making sure each hitter is training specifically for their body type, movement patterns, and mental thought processes.


Traveling to hit with Coach Casey in person can be challenging to hitters outside of his home state.  Because of this, Coach Casey wants to be as accessible as possible online to all hitters that want to improve.  Getting better is about gaining more knowledge, and Coach Casey wants to share the knowledge he has gained throughout his career by doing online classes, video analysis, and one on one remote training.

"This is the best I've ever seen him hit!  His team was calling him MVP for the week.  Thanks for all that you do."

- A grateful dad

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